Best beaches near Split

If you want to visit the beaches on theSplit Riviera, you can choose a new beach every day for a month, and you would still experience something new every day. The long bay of Kastela on the north-west side of Split offers many different, mostly pebble beaches that are usually very private, narrow and away from main roads, thus perfect for small children. For about 15 kilometers,all the way to Split airport you can simply drive down to the sea,take a small one-way road and pick your spot from the car window.Some of the best beaches are in Kastel Luksic, Kastel Gomilica and Kastel Kambelovac.

Should you choose to drive to the east,then you will literally have a problem deciding when to stop your car, because all the way to Omis Riviera (and even further) you can choose among some of the most beautiful Croatian beaches. Podstrana is known for its beautiful pebble shore, while Duce has the longest sandy beach in Croatia. All the beaches have bars, restaurants and a place to rent a jet, a canoe or boats.

Photo: pebble beach near Split,

Best island beaches near Split

Once you have checked all the beaches on the mainland, why not visit an island beach? All the islands in Split archipelago are accessible in a one-day trip, where you can both enjoy in the sights of the islands and perfect beaches. The Golden Horn on the island of Brac, the Blue Lagoon on the island of Veli Drvenik, bays of the island of Solta, Stiniva beach on the island of Vis or Pakleni islands near the island of Hvar…those are some of the most beautiful and most popular beaches in the entire Croatia, not to mention other amazing towns, villages and beaches on Brac, Hvar and Vis.

The Golden Horn beach (cro Zlatni rat)in Bol on the island of Brac is one of the most popular symbols of Croatia. Besides its unique shape piercing into the sea from both sides, the beach changes its direction depending on the wind. The wind is especially popular among kite surfers and wind surfers,making the Golden Horn one of the top windsurfing destinations in Croatia. The Golden Horn beach is surrounded by pine trees, is close to the center of Bol and can be easily reached by a short walk along the promenade of Bol. The Golden Horn beach excursion is one of the most popular daily boat trips from Split because it is only a short boat ride away. By visiting the Golden Horn beach on the island of Brac, you can enjoy a fun boat ride, spend a day at the famous Croatian beach, visit the island of Brac and make the most of your summer day in Split.

Photo: Golden Horn beach, Brac,

Blue Lagoon is another popular boat day trip which includes a day at the beach on the island of Veli Drvenik near Trogir. Blue Lagoon is famous for its beautiful cove and crystal clear sea, perfectly mixing many different shades of blue with turquoise blue spilling over the see-through shallow end. The beach and the lagoon are a perfect location for diving and snorkeling. Day excursion to the Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular tours from Split, because it usually includes a trip to nearby islands or the town of Trogir. The island of Solta doesn’t have one particular special beach, but almost all villages on the island of Solta have a place where you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming. Solta is especially loved by those searching for an almost wild nature and Robinson Crusoe-style beaches. Some of the most popular bays and coves on Solta are Tatinja, Sesula, Piskera, Maslinica, Necujam.Senjska etc…

Photo: Sesula bay on Solta, by Flarent

Another popular beach destination is definitely Paklinski islands near the island of Hvar. Like all of the aforementioned islands, it is impossible to classify them only as beach destinations, but for the sake of this article we will concentrate only on that aspect of their unique beauty. Paklinski islands are a small archipelago of islands and islets on the southwest part of Hvar. They are almost completely covered by a pine wood,but are also home of many different plants and local wildlife. Their bays are some of the most attractive on the Adriatic and are a famous nautical stop for all sailors. Pakleni (or Paklinski) islands boast with many beautiful bays, but the number one spot is the bay of Palmizana with some of the most exclusive restaurants in Croatia. If you’re less into fine dining and more into partying, Palmizana is the go-to place with regular boat lines to the island of Hvar.

Photo: Pakleni islands near Hvar by Flarent

Although the Blue Cave is not technically a beach, we will include it in this list since a visit to the Blue Cave usually includes a swim on the island of Bisevo. This natural phenomenon is one of the most popular postcards of Croatia,with the blue light piercing through the cave walls, reflecting the most amazing blue light on its ceiling. It is prohibited to swim inside of the cave and outside of it because there are many boats coming and going the whole day, but Bisevo has one of the most beautiful and rarest sandy beaches among all of the islands – the beach Porat. If you plan to visit the Blue Cave but want to continue your trip, make sure you have a swim at the one of the most amazing Croatian beaches that has even won the “Most beautiful European beach” award – the beach Stiniva on the island of Vis. The island has other famous beaches such as Srebrena, Stoncica or Milna, but nothing compares to the unique Stiniva beach. Many beach postcards from Croatia will feature beach Stiniva as seen from above. The beach is so famous thanks to the two narrow cliffs closing in on a small bay with pebble stones. Stiniva is also special because to reach it by foot you would have to climb a steep hill, so make sure you bring appropriate footwear. But if you visit Stiniva by a boat, you simply need to jump and swim to its shore. Srebrena beach is famous for its big pebble stones which are so unique that it is prohibited to take them with you. Stoncica is another sandy beach, which is very rare to find on an island.

Photo: Stiniva beach, Vis island by Flarent

As you can see, choosing a place to visit in Split-Dalmatia County can be a challenge, because you will want to see as much as possible in the time you get to spend here.This also includes choosing a beach, since there is such a large variety of beaches to choose from. But the good thing is that our boat excursions include more than just a swim, so you can combine sightseeing with sunbathing. The choice is incredibly large and the only thing standing between you and a unique beach experience in Split and its vicinity is your will to try as much as possible.