Best beaches in Split

As a typical Mediterranean coastal town, Split offers its inhabitants and visitors many opportunities for cooling off on a hot summer day. Its unique location on a peninsula stretching into the mainland makes Split almost completely surrounded by sea, including the Bay of Kastela and its east Riviera. Although Split is the second largest city in Croatia, it is still not as big as its Mediterranean counterparts such as Marseilles. This perk allows the tourist center of Split to pose as a small town,including its nearest and best beaches. Even those beaches at the periphery of Split are all in a walking distance from its strict city core.

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The Riva promenade in the city center is the most famous waterfront image of the city, but the only salty water on your skin on Riva will be the one on your toes, should you decide to soak them while drinking some of the best coffee in Croatia. To really enjoy a nice swim or work on your holiday tan, you can simply walk either in the east or west direction from the center of Split. If you decide to go to the east by walking only 5 minutes from Riva, you will get to the only sandy beach in Split- the Bacvice beach. The beach and its eponymous city part is one of the most popular beaches not only in Split, but in the entire Croatia. The beach is known for its long shallow end, perfect for the popular sport of “picigin” where players try to keep the ball up in the air as long as possible, while doing some acrobatic jumps and entertaining the beach audience. Next to the beach are bars and clubs, so you can simply continue your day at the beach with a beach party.

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Best party beaches in Split

From Bacvice beach you may continue your beach tour and visit the beach Trstenik with a little more serene environment. The pebble shore continues further to the famous Znjan beach. These beaches are particularly suitable if you are visiting Split by car, because they have a huge parking lot. Like almost all beaches in Split, they offer bars, sun beds, parasols and street food, so you can literally spend an entire day at the beach.At the easternmost part of Znjan beach is Duilovo with a dog-friendly restricted area, where you can take your pet for a swim. If you prefer dipping naked, Duilovo also offers one of the few nudist beaches in Split.

In case you opted for a walk to the west from Split center and Riva, just by looking at the beautiful Marjan hill, you will probably get a picture of the divine beaches at its foothill. From Riva walk to the west simply by following the waterfront promenade known as West Coast (cro. Zapadna obala). The first beach on our list is technically not a beach, but a paved waterfront called Jadran (cro. for Adriatic). It is actually adjacent to the eponymous hotel, but is mostly known for its pool where some of the most talented swimmers and water polo players of Split have trained and train today. But this is just the beginning of several famous beaches on the south side of Marjan hill. Take the small concrete promenade to the west, and you can choose any spot you like to place your towel and start your day at the beach. The promenade will take you to the beach called Obojena (short from Colored light in cro). All these beaches are reachable both by foot and by a car.

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Best isolated beaches in Split

To get to the next famous beach you will have to hike uphill to reach the road, since it is not accessible from the seaside, but once you get there by a car, bicycle or a bus, you will simply love it! It is the famous Kasjuni beach, as mall stroll down from the road but definitely worth it. The beach has everything: bars, restaurants, water sports equipment for rent,lounge area, wild area, a nudist beach and a dog beach. What more could you ask for? Oh yes, there is even a party boat taking you there from Split’s Riva. Other beaches at the foothill of Marjan are maybe a bit more wild so this could be your choice should you search for a unique experience with a maximum comfort. Another beach nearby is the Bene beach, with adjacent restaurant, children’s playground and tennis court. This entire area of Marjan is loved by sports enthusiasts or simply people who love being at one with the nature even on summer holidays.

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