Fall in Split

Autumn is the best season for exploring the beautiful city of Split. Split has an amazing ancient old town and stunning beaches. Wandering around the city is the best way to explore it and to meet local people.

Coffee time

You should start your day as a real croat and drink coffee with milk. Your coffee drinking should last for at least one hour. Meet a waiter or waitress and ask them about the coffee bar where you can sit. Every coffee bar has its own unique story and the owner or people working there would be more than happy to share their story with you.


Traditional bakery

The old city center hides charming cafes and restaurants where you can taste delicious Dalmatian specialties. Find some traditional bakery shops and try their amazing products. Ask about their tradition and for how long they exist. We recommend you try dalmatian kroštule which are golden-yellow sweet snacks that are absolutely worth trying.


Frogs museum

Did you know that in Split you can visit Froggyland? They have a collection of 507 stuffed frogs. This unique collection will remind you why museums are so special and how they feed our soul.


Let’s go to the hills

After summer we all open new pages in our life. Explore the city of Split by bike and enjoy an amazing panoramic ride. After renting a bike you can go to the amazing Marjan forest and explore all the hidden beaches and beautiful flora and fauna.


Don't forget to smile

Don't worry if you don't know the language, your smile can open any door. Write down four golden words: hvala (thank you), molim (your welcome), izvoli (here you are), oprosti (sorry).

Take all the notes from this blog post and head towards a new adventure.