Renting a car in Split

Certainly! Renting a car in Split is a popular choice for travelers looking to explore the beautiful Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Here are a few tips for renting a car in Split:

  1. Compare prices: There are many car rental companies in Split, so be sure to shop around to find the best prices. You can use online booking sites like Expedia or to compare prices from different companies.

  2. Check the insurance: Make sure you understand what kind of insurance is included in the rental price. Most car rental companies offer basic insurance, but you may want to consider additional coverage if you plan to drive on challenging roads or if you are not confident in your driving skills.

  3. Check the fuel policy: Be aware of the fuel policy of the car rental company. Some companies require you to return the car with a full tank of gas, while others charge you for the fuel you use.

  4. Pick up and drop off locations: Choose a car rental company that has a convenient pick-up and drop-off location. Many companies have locations at the Split Airport, while others have offices in the city center.

  5. Book in advance: It's a good idea to book your car rental in advance, especially if you plan to visit Split during the high season (June to August). This will ensure that you get the car you want at the best price possible.

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