What a park it is!

One of the main reasons why the Dalmatian region is so popular among tourists is its diverse

nature where, in just one day, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea, river, lake, and mountains,

and top it all with great food, indigenous wine, and great company. Whether you are the type of

traveler who likes to plan everything or you wake up on location and decide at the last minute,

people usually have at least a vague idea of what they are about to visit. When you look up

sights and places in Dalmatia, be it Split, Sibenik, or Zadar region, one place always pops up-

Krka National park. And what a park it is.

If this is the first time you are reading about this gem of nature, brace yourself for an abundance

of adjectives and superlatives because Krka National park deserves it all. No wonder it is the

most popular day tour in Dalmatia!

To get all the facts out of the way, here are the main details you need to know:

● Krka is a river located in Sibenik county, which is situated NW of Split

● The surface of the park spreads over 109 km2 and contains 7 waterfalls

● The park has exceptional natural and cultural heritages

● Its most popular localities are: Skradinski buk waterfall, Roski waterfall, Visovac island,

and the monastery

● You can enter the park either by boat or by a car/bus

Just look at the photos of Krka National park, and you will see all the shades of green flowing

from the green woods, meadows, lake, and river, leaving you with a feeling of supreme serenity

and peace. If you arrive at Krka National park by the road from the direction of Split, your first

encounter with the park will be at the entrance Lozovac. But if you want your first encounter with

the park to match the beauty of what lies ahead, then the town of Skradin and a boat ride

directly to Skradinski buk waterfall is the best choice. If you travel with a group, you can enjoy a

private group ride at your designated time, completely stress-free if you will make it on time, or

have to wait. By taking a boat to enter the park, you start enjoying your visit right from the start.

The boat ride will take you from the small picturesque town of Skradin upstream between steep

rocks of the Krka River estuary to the majestic Skradinski buk waterfall.

Skradinski buk waterfall is the largest and final tufa (travertine) barrier on the Krka River, making

it also the longest tufa barrier in Europe. When you reach the park, make sure you have

sensible footwear on, because you can enjoy having a relaxing walk along the almost 2

kilometer-long walking trail around the waterfalls. Although there are educational panels and

boards along the park, there is nothing better than having a tour guide nearby to give you all the

extra information, point at fascinating sights, and answer any questions that might arise.

Some people like to know about the biological origins of the tufa barriers, the karst stones, and

the calcite crystals. Others will enjoy exploring the historical heritage of the park, its medieval

fortresses, and its sacral and ethnographic heritage. One of the inevitable sites of the park is the

island of Visovac and its old monastery. The lake, island, monastery, and church represent a

natural, cultural, historical, and spiritual unity. If not all of it, some of its parts will leave you at


Once you have filled your eyes and soul with the beauty of the Skradinski buk and Roski

waterfalls, this is the perfect time of day to take a break. Some people can’t wait to soak their

feet into the river Krka especially on a hot summer day. But nothing beats a visit to a wine cellar

where you can taste great wine from the vineyards surrounding the river. You can even taste the

local cheese and almost smell the green pastures of Dalmatia. This is your holiday, and you

know best how to spend your free time, even when you are part of a guided group. Just make

sure you let the travel agency know in advance so that they may reserve your place.

The wine tasting takes place in a beautiful family-owned winery Sladić where you can taste the

famous Maraština wine, homemade cheese, and homegrown olive oil. Their vineyard spreads

over 6 acres of land, where five indigenous vines grow, watered with natural water and

overlooking Visovac Island and the lake. The vineyards are within the borders of the Krka

National park, and you can visit them if you apply in advance.

Of course, there is a souvenir shop in the Park where you can buy some tactile memories, but

those imprinted within your mind through all your senses will be eternal.

Reserve your place on the Krka day tour bus on time so that the high-season demand doesn’t

get in the way of your plans.